Open letter to Ban Ki-moon: Tell the UN to Put an End to Tax Abuse

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Firma la petizione: Tell the UN to put a stop to tax abuse

Executive Summary 

Intense negotiations are underway this month at the United Nations
over the new Sustainable Development Goals that will be rolled out in 2015. But the SDGs are almost completely silent on one of the most important development issues of our generation: tax abuse. Academics Stand Against Poverty (ASAP) is taking action to change this.

Tax abuse drains developing countries of hundreds of billions of dollars each year, vastly outstripping the total amount of aid that developing countries receive.

Many multinational corporations shift their profits to jurisdictions
where taxes are lower or even non-existent. Between 2002 and 2011, such practices robbed developing countries of $4.7 trillion, which is nearly six times the amount of official development assistance they received during the same period.

Wealthy individuals in developing countries also abuse the tax system: between 26 and 33 percent of all private financial wealth owned by people in Africa, Latin America, the Middle East and Asia is kept abroad. Because developing country governments are unable to tax these hidden funds, they lack the resources necessary to help their citizens escape poverty.

We have an opportunity to put an end to this destructive practice. Fifty prominent tax and development experts have signed an open letter calling on UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to push for the inclusion of specific policies in the SDGs that would stop tax abuse once and for all.

Sign and circulate this petition to add your name to the open letter and join the fight against tax abuse at the highest levels. You can help us reach our goal of getting 2015 signatures before the UN.

General Assembly meets on September 24.

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